Pléiades Neo Satellite Imagery

Airbus’ most advanced optical constellation, with four identical 30cm resolution satellites with ultimate reactivity, optimises each step of the acquisition and delivery cycle.

From 2020, Airbus will reshape the Earth observation-based services with Pléiades Neo, the new optical 30cm resolution constellation.

Pléiades Neo Satellite Imagery

Four identical new generation satellites will join the already world-leading Airbus constellation of optical and radar satellites to offer enhanced performance. Entirely funded, manufactured, owned and operated by Airbus, Pléiades Neo is a breakthrough in the Earth observation domain. It will bring customers with top-level service over the next decades. Each satellite will be adding half a million km² per day to Airbus’ catalogue. The associated images will be available straight from your Direct Receiving Station and through our digital platform, OneAtlas.


  • Highest resolution combined with the most accurate geolocation

  • Ultimate reactivity for last-minute tasking requests

  • Improved weather forecast for better acquisition success rate

  • Enables generation of analytics to feed massive intelligence needs

Features and specifications

  • Number of satellites : 4 identical satellites in constellation

  • Funding : 100 % by Airbus

  • Orbit: Sun-synchronous, 10:30 a.m., Descending node, 620 km altitude

  • Mission lifetime : 10 years

  • Reactivity : Tasking and download through Polar Stations, Improved services through Partner Operating Centres and SpaceDataHighway

  • Ground segment : Innovative cloud-based architecture for massive production

  • Spatial Resolution: 0.3m GSD

  • Geolocation accuracy: <5m CE90 at nadir

  • Spectral bands : Deep Blue, Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, Near-infrared, Panchromatic

  • Global capacity : Up to 2 million km² per day

  • Revisit capacity :
    >Daily anywhere (30° off-Nadir)
    >Twice daily anywhere (46° off-Nadir)

  • Dynamic range at acquisition : 12 bits