Express Server

Advance Server for Streaming/Sharing Images and Point Cloud LiDAR Data

Deliver the Highest Visual Quality, With Any Connection

Complex GIS imagery can require tremendous time and bandwidth — both for those serving it up and those attempting to view it.

Express Server intelligently extracts and delivers only the pixels being viewed at a specific moment. This dramatically reduces the time required to display an image. Massive data files can be streamed and viewed quickly and easily, without time-consuming downloads or delays.

Clients, user bases, and the general public can access the geospatial imagery you provide without needing specialized technology.

Express Server

Serve Up and Share High-Resolution Data Anywhere

Express Server allows any device or connection to access the raster files and LiDAR point clouds you serve up. Industry-standard protocols assure compatibility with virtually all GIS applications, so no special training is needed.

Express Server is the fastest way to serve up geospatial images and LiDAR datasets.