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TerraColor NextGen 15m Imagery

Get ready to experience the world like never before with TerraColor NextGen! This amazing satellite imagery map provides a seamless, true-color view of our entire planet at an incredible spatial resolution of 15 meters per pixel. Created from thousands of Landsat 8 satellite scenes that have been thoughtfully processed and balanced, NextGen boasts top-quality color and contrast that will take your breath away. With this up-to-date low-resolution base map, you'll be able to explore the globe in a whole new way and gain a deeper understanding of our world. Plus, by providing a consistent, regional view of larger areas, NextGen complements high-resolution imagery perfectly. 

Product Specifications

  • Source: Landsat 8 /Landsat 9

  • Date: 2014-2020 

  • Bands: Landsat 8/9 bands 4,3,2 (true color) plus band 8 for pan-sharpening

  • Projection: Geographic (Lat Long)

  • Datum: WGS84

  • Resolution X: ~15 meters 

  • Resolution Y: ~15 meters 

  • Accuracy: 12 meter circular error, 90% confidence globally

  • Coverage: Global

  • Available formats: Uncompressed GeoTIFF RGB, Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) compressed RGB, or lossless compressed JPEG2000 RGB







The TerraColor NextGen has a wide range of applications across various industries.

  • Creating web-based maps

  • Developing visual simulations

  • Producing weather maps

  • Perfect for defense applications 

  • Digital media

  • Advertising

  • Basemap for higher resolution aerial or satellite images


Absolutely. You have the option to select any part of the world you desire. You can either choose the specific country or region, provide us with Lat/Long bounding box coordinates, or give us a Shapefile or KML file that indicates the desired coverage. Please refer to the links below  for further information.

Town of Breckenridge and Ski Resort, CO
Denver, CO, USA
Denver International Airport, USA
Great Sandunes National Park, Colorado

Is it possible for me to buy NextGen images for just a country or a continent?

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