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TerraColor NextGen 15 Meter Satellite Imagery Country Bundle

New satellite imagery is available for web-based maps, weather maps, defense applications, and digital media. Covers the entire globe and can be customized. Provides stunning true-color views of Earth. Can be paired with high-resolution imagery. Regularly updated with new Landsat 8/9 imagery.


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Mid Resolution 

The spatial resolution of NextGen, which is 15 meters per pixel, is ideal for observing the earth from a worldwide perspective to a map scale of 1:60,00. This allows for clear visibility of land usage, urbanized regions, highways, agricultural lands, rivers, coral reefs, and many other features.


A comprehensive view of the world has been created by piecing together numerous Landsat 8 images while ensuring a consistent color balance. Additionally, the contrast of the images has been enhanced globally to improve the visibility of features and maximize information content.

True Color

NextGen offers an authentic portrayal of the earth as it is captured using satellite bands that correspond to the same wavelengths of light that are visible to the human eye. This method of processing is called "true color" and produces a view of the earth that is truly realistic. Unlike other artificial color products, NextGen provides a high-quality color match to the base maps of high-resolution true color imagery.

Cloud Free

NextGen provides crystal-clear and unobstructed views of the Earth, with less than 0.5% cloud coverage worldwide. Our team has put in a lot of effort to minimize clouds and atmospheric haze, even in regions with chronic cloudiness such as the equatorial rainforests, the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, and the southernmost tip of South America.

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