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TripleSat Satellite Imagery

21AT has a group of three advanced Earth observation satellites (TripleSat-1, 2 and 3) that offer daily imaging capabilities worldwide. They have a vast collection of data dating back to 2016. Collaborating with 21AT, GeoWGS84 offers cost-effective options for accessing imagery to cater to various needs.

Triplesat Specifications


SSO (Sun-synchronous Orbit)

Altitude 651 km

LTAN 10:30 local time

Push broom imager

Inclination: 98.1°

Launch Date

July 10, 2015, 16:28 UTC

Spectrum bands (in nm)

Panchromatic –450 to 650

Blue –440 to 510

Green –510 to 590

Red –600 to 670

NIR –760 to 910

Resolution GSD

0.8m panchromatic

2m multispectral at nadir

Accuracy (CE90)

< 20m

Dynamic range

10 bits

Swath width

23 km (at Nadir)


daily (at 40°N)

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