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GeoWGS84 - Hepta Insights

Smart AI-based Powerline Inspection Suit

Power Line Drone Inspection

Hepta Insights is a power line drone inspection software designed to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of power lines using drones. This software serves as a crucial tool for utilities and energy companies to monitor the condition of their power lines, detect potential issues, and ensure the reliability and safety of their electrical infrastructure.



Here are some key features and functionalities typically found in Hepta Insights-power line drone inspection software:

High-Resolution Imaging: The software supports high-quality imaging, including both visible and infrared (thermal) cameras. These images are used to inspect power lines and associated equipment for signs of damage, wear, or overheating.

Data Analysis and Reporting: It includes AI-based tools for analyzing the collected data, such as image recognition and analysis algorithms. The software may automatically detect defects, corrosion, vegetation encroachment, or other issues and generate detailed inspection reports.


GIS Integration: Hepta Insights integrates with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide spatial data and accurate location information of power line assets.


Data Storage and Management: Hepta Insights provides secure storage and management of inspection data, often with cloud-based solutions for easy access and collaboration.

Automation: Hepta Insights offers automation features, such as automatic waypoint generation or scheduling of routine inspections.

Compliance and Regulatory Support: It may help companies comply with industry regulations and safety standards by documenting inspection records and adherence to protocols.

Integration with Maintenance Systems: Integration with maintenance and asset management systems allows for efficient scheduling of repairs and maintenance based on inspection findings.

User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive user interface is useful for the operators to interpret the inspection data effectively.

Scalability: This software is scalable to accommodate the needs of large utility companies with extensive power line networks.

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