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Our company is a leading provider of Drone ortho and Photogrammetry/ LiDAR services based in Denver, Colorado with offices worldwide.  We are able to provide a variety of Drone Data Services, customized to fit your specific needs.  Some of the value-added services we can offer include but may not be limited to:

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Deep Learning with Geospatial Data

Survey & Mapping
  • Drone image collection (~2 cm resolution)

  • LiDAR data collection

  • Digital ortho imagery and orthomosaics

  • Corridor mapping services

  • LiDAR classification and Digital Terrain Models (DTM)

  • DTM extraction (~3 cm horizontal and ~5 cm vertical accuracy) and classification

  • DSM generation

  • Planimetric extraction

  • Contour generation

  • Point cloud classification

  • Volumetric calculations

  • 3D modeling

Inspection & Monitoring
  • Construction site monitoring

  • Solar panel inspection

  • Wind turbine inspection

  • Powerline/transmission line inspection

  • Mining inspection

  • Pipeline inspection and monitoring

  • Agriculture crop monitoring, irrigation inspection

  • RGB/Multispectral/Thermal based inspection for a variety of industries

  • Building Inspection

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