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BJ 3A Satellite Imagery

Beijing 3A, developed by Aerospace Dongfanghong for 21AT, is an advanced optical satellite for remote sensing. Utilizing cutting-edge technology such as ultra-high agility, stability, and precision, as well as autonomous mission planning and in-orbit image processing, Beijing 3A achieves intelligent systems and continuous imaging on its own.  Beijing 3A is equipped with two imagers: a full-color imager with a resolution of 0.5 m and a multispectral imager with a resolution of 2.0 m.

Beijing 3A Specifications


SSO (Sun-synchronous Orbit)

Altitude 500km

LTAN 11:00 local time

Inclination: 97.0°

Altitude: 500 km

Launch Date

June 11, 2021

Spectrum bands (in nm)

Panchromatic – 450 to 700

Blue – 450 to 520

Green – 520 to 590

Red – 630 to 690

NIR – 770 to 890

Resolution GSD

0.5m panchromatic

2m multispectral at nadir


Better than 1:10000 map scale

Dynamic range

12 bits

Swath width

23.5 km (at nadir)r)


4 day (at 40°N)

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