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BJ 3B Satellite Imagery

Beijing -3, a duo of optical Earth observation satellites, is under the ownership and operation of Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd (21AT). The launch of Beijing-3A took place on 11 June 2021, while Beijing-3B was launched on 24 August 2022. The imager on Beijing-3B possesses a spatial resolution of 0.3 m. These satellites are equipped with on-board artificial intelligence (AI) that enables autonomous flight path generation and ensures stability during swift observations, as the spacecraft can reach speeds of up to 10° per second.

Beijing 3B Specifications


SSO (Sun-synchronous Orbit)

Altitude 610 km

LTAN 11:00 local time

Inclination 97.942°

Launch Date

August 24, 2022

Spectrum bands (in nm)

Panchromatic – 450 to 900

Blue – 450 to 520

Green – 520 to 590

Red – 630 to 690

NIR – 770 to 890

Resolution GSD

30 cm panchromatic

1.2m multispectral at nadir


Better than 1:10000 map scale

Dynamic range

11 bits

Swath width

11.5 km (at Nadir)


5 days (at 45°N)

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