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What is eVTOL?

eVOTL stands for electric vertical takeoff and landing. It refers to a type of aircraft that is powered by electric motors and is capable of taking off and landing vertically, similar to a helicopter or a quadcopter drone. eVOTL aircraft have the potential to revolutionize urban transportation by offering faster and more efficient ways to move people and goods in densely populated areas. 

Some companies are currently developing eVOTL aircraft for a variety of purposes, including air taxis for personal transportation, package delivery, and even emergency medical services. However, eVOTL technology is still in the early stages of development and there are many technical, regulatory, and safety challenges that need to be overcome before these aircraft can become a mainstream mode of transportation.

 Jetson, a Swedish company, is among the pioneers is eVTOL.

What is eVTOL?

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