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NSDI stands for National Spatial Data Infrastructure, which is a framework of geospatial data, metadata, tools, and policies designed to support and improve the use of spatial data in decision-making processes. The NSDI is a collaborative effort among federal, state, local, tribal, and private organizations in the United States, and it aims to make geospatial information more accessible, interoperable, and usable across different levels of government, academia, and industry.

The NSDI provides a standard set of guidelines, standards, and protocols for collecting, managing, sharing, and using geospatial data. It includes various components such as data acquisition, metadata creation, data sharing, standards development, and capacity building. The NSDI promotes the development of a common geospatial data infrastructure that enables data sharing, decision-making, and collaboration across different sectors and organizations.

The NSDI is managed by the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), which is a federal interagency committee that coordinates and promotes the development and use of geospatial data, standards, and technology in the United States. The FGDC works with its partners to implement the NSDI and ensure that geospatial data is accurate, timely, and accessible to the public.


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