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What is map zoom level?

In geospatial mapping, the zoom level refers to the level of detail or scale of a map display. Zoom levels are typically expressed as a value that ranges from 1 to 21 or higher, with a higher number indicating a higher level of zoom and more detailed map display.

At low zoom levels, the map shows a larger geographic area with less detail, while at high zoom levels, the map shows a smaller geographic area with more detail. For example, at zoom level 1, you may see an entire continent, while at zoom level 21, you may see an individual building. Zoom levels can be controlled by the user, allowing them to zoom in or out to see more or less detail on the map. The zoom level is an important feature in digital mapping as it allows users to control the level of detail they want to see, making it easier to understand and interpret the map data.

What is map zoom level?

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