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EOS SAT-1 is a satellite that was made by Dragonfly Aerospace for EOS Data Analytics, a global AI-powered satellite imagery analytics provider. The satellite has two high-resolution cameras called DragonEye. It is part of the EOS SAT constellation, which is the first satellite group that specifically focuses on agriculture using remote sensing technology.


  • Mission-type Earth observation

  • COSPAR ID 2023-001-AW

  • SATCAT no. 55053

  • Manufacturer Dragonfly Aerospace

  • Launch mass 176.64 kg

  • Dimensions 1130.3 х 1390 х 821 mm

Orbital parameters:

  • Reference system Geocentric

  • Regime Low Earth orbit

  • Perigee altitude 513 km

  • Apogee altitude 534 km

  • Inclination 97.496 degrees

  • Local Time of Descending Node 09:32

  • Period 95.10 min

  • Mission lifetime minimum 5 years

  • Imaging capacity (Excl. PAN) 1,150,000 sq km per day

  • Imaging capacity (with PAN) 660,000 sq km per day

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