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DroneMapper Rapid

DroneMapper Rapid Photogrammetry Software

GeoWGS84 is an authorized reseller of DroneMapper RAPID.

DroneMapper’s RAPID is a Windows OS-based, one-year licensed photogrammetric imagery processing, and geospatial software.  RAPID will produce DEM/DTM/DSM and Orthomosaic maps in no time, unlike the cloud-based software. Generally using the preview function, for small AOIs, RAPID provides a nearly real-time view of the site on a  tablet or laptop so that the drone pilot confirm successful aerial collection, This helps in making sure that pilot has high confidence in the accuracy of data acquisition for orthomosaic and other geospatial data products generation.

Limitation: 250 images.

Format: GeoTIFF

Other derived products: Topographical maps, accurate geo-referenced contours, volumetric calculation analysis, planimetric extraction

DroneMapper Rapid

With the trial version of the RAPID user is limited to producing just the preview of the orthomosaic.  You can download the trial version by clicking here.

GeoWGS84 guarantees the lowest price and world-class customer service.  Customers can pay using a credit card, ACH, or check, Once paid the RAPID activation code is emailed to you. 

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