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MapInfo Pro

Location Insight and Mapping Software

A better and more affordable mapping solution for GIS professionals to visualize, edit, interpret, and analyze geospatial data. 

Precisely's MapInfo Pro supports small and larger teams across the entire organization for managing Location/GIS data. Using MapInfo Pro, users can analyze location data to make timely corporate decisions. It's too expensive to apply a trial-and-error approach to your mapping projects. If you’ve built a road, mall, or housing development, you can’t rebuild it once you realize your location intelligence was not accurate.

MapInfo Pro is an all-in-one solution that visualizes, manages, and analyzes location data for mapping and also for map publishing. MapInfo Pro GIS software uses GIS analytics and location intelligence to help users create insightful models to simulate different outcomes of location-centric scenarios.

MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Pro users can:

Visualize, Edit Location Data


Gather geospatial location data about their AOI (area of interest) or POI (point of interest) and visualize data through map symbols, themes, and labels. You can even overlay raster, vector or other datasets on  a basemap to distinguish patterns that would not otherwise be visible.

Create Location-Centric Models 

Integrate location and demographics data in your corporate workflow. You can query this information with our powerful spatial querying and modeling tools. You can then run different scenarios for an accurate, up-to-date representation of a location’s possibilities.

Make Decisions

Build models that are accurate and easily understood by non-GIS customers and enable corporate decision-makers to fully understand the attributes and drawbacks of each site, in each scenario. This may help them take the actions that beneficial for the business.

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