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Utkal Sharma

Founder and CEO 

Utkal enjoys working with and for highly competent people. Most of us are technical problems solvers and we often find ourselves happily gathered around a whiteboard dreaming up technical solutions. When he asks a colleague to do something, he can trust that it will be done quickly and correctly.

He believes that Location is fundamental to life. From analyzing urban sprawl to finding the optimal habitats for endangered species, GIS continues to provide us with tools to push the boundaries… and to boldly go where no analyst has gone before. He has even presented a paper at the ESRI User Conference about Location Intelligence.

Utkal leads multidisciplinary geospatial teams, designs robust and efficient GIS approaches and algorithms, and develops automated workflows for accurate and efficient processes. Sharma has worked in the field of remote sensing, GIS and mapping since 2000. Sharma leverages AI and Machine learning in GIS analytics.

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