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Satellite Imagery Archive

A satellite imagery archive is a collection of satellite images that have been collected, processed, and stored for future reference or research. Satellite images are photographs or other visual representations of the earth's surface or other objects in space that have been captured from a satellite orbiting the earth. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including mapping, environmental monitoring, and scientific research.

Satellite imagery archives may be maintained by government agencies, commercial companies, or academic institutions, and may contain images from a variety of sources, including manned and unmanned spacecraft. These images may be collected using various types of sensors, including optical sensors that capture visible light, and radar sensors that can capture images through clouds and other obstructions.

Satellite imagery archives may be organized and catalogued in a systematic way, using methods such as metadata tagging and georeferencing, to make it easier to locate and access specific images. They may be accessible to the public through online resources or by contacting the organization responsible for the archive.

Satellite Imagery Archive

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