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Ortho Mosaic

An ortho photo is a single, corrected aerial or satellite image that has been orthorectified to remove distortions caused by terrain and camera angles. It is a two-dimensional representation of an area, and it provides accurate measurements of distances, angles, and areas.

On the other hand, ortho mosaics are created by stitching together multiple orthorectified images to create a seamless and complete map of an area. Ortho mosaics are more comprehensive than ortho photos and provide a more detailed and accurate representation of the area. They are particularly useful for large-scale mapping projects, where a single ortho photo may not provide sufficient coverage.

Ortho mosaics also offer additional benefits such as:

  • Increased resolution: By combining multiple images, ortho mosaics provide a higher resolution than a single ortho photo.

  • Consistency: Ortho mosaics have consistent lighting, color balance, and contrast throughout the map, which makes it easier to interpret and analyze.

  • Greater coverage: Ortho mosaics can cover large areas, making them ideal for mapping projects that require a complete view of the region.

While both ortho photos and ortho mosaics are useful in their own right, ortho mosaics offer greater accuracy, consistency, and coverage, making them an ideal choice for many mapping applications.

Ortho Mosaic

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