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Photogrammetry – The art of creating 3D models

Photogrammetry is the process of obtaining accurate measurements and three-dimensional data of physical objects and environments through the use of photographs. This is achieved by analyzing the photographs and extracting information about the spatial location and orientation of the objects within them. The data can then be used to create detailed 3D models, maps, and other visualizations.

The process involves capturing multiple photographs of an object or environment from different angles and positions. The photographs are then processed using specialized software that can identify common points or features in each image and calculate their 3D coordinates. This process is known as triangulation.

Photogrammetry is widely used in fields such as surveying, architecture, engineering, geology, and archeology. It can be used to create accurate 3D models of buildings, landscapes, archaeological sites, and other physical objects. It is also commonly used in the film and gaming industries for creating realistic environments and special effects

Photogrammetry – The art of  creating 3D models

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