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KOMPSAT Satellite Imagery

GeoWGS84 now offers KOMPSAT satellite imagery.  KOMPSAT (Korean Multi-Purpose Satellite) has been launching satellites since 1999.  Satellite images are available for the KOMPSAT 2, KOMPSAT 3 and KOMPSAT 3a satellites.   Satellite images are available from their archive library and are available for tasking custom image collections.  The KOMPSAT 2 is available at 1 m panchromatic resolution and 4 m RGBNir resolutions.  KOMPSAT 3 50 cm panchromatic resolution and 2 m RGBNir resolutions and KOMPSAT 3a 40 cm panchromatic resolution and 1.6 m RGBNir resolutions.  All data is available pansharpened or MS bundled packages.

KOMPSAT 2 Satellite Imagery

The KOMPSAT 2 satellite has a 1 m panchromatic band and 4 m multispectral band imagery. Purchase archive images or request new images to be collected. Great for those who don’t need high resolution.

KOMPSAT 3 Satellite Imagery

The KOMPSAT 3 has an archived library of images and can be tasked for custom collections also. Available as 50 cm panchromatic and 1.6 m multispectral.

KOMPSAT 3A Satellite Imagery

Buy now, KOMPSAT 3a’s satellite is KOMPSAT’s highest resolution satellite with a 40 cm panchromatic band and 1.6 m multispectral band imagery. Extensive imagery library or new collections available.

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