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KOMPSAT 3A Satellite Imagery

The KOMPSAT 3A satellite is KOMPSAT’s first high resolution satellite with two image collection systems onboard. The KOMPSAT 3A satellite offers high resolution imagery along with near infrared image collections. The KOMPSAT 3A offers a 40 cm panchromatic band and 1.6 m multispectral band imagery. The KOMPSAT 3A has an archived library of images and it can be tasked for custom collections also. KOMPSAT’s 3A satellite fills any consumer’s satellite image project needs with high resolutions imagery and near infrared collection capabilities

Specification and technical information

KOMPSAT 3A Product resolution

PAN: 0.4 m / MS: 1.6 m

@ Altitude 528 km (nadir)

KOMPSAT 3A Spectral bands

PAN: 450 ~ 900 nm

MS1(B): 450 ~ 520 nm

MS2(G): 520 ~ 600 nm

MS3(R): 630 ~ 690 nm

MS4(N): 760 ~ 900 nm

Map projection / Datum

UTM / WGS 84

Location accuracy

7.86 m RMSE,

< 11.2 m CE90 with POD/PAD


Sun synchronous orbit


528 km


97.5 deg.


13:30 (local time)

Swath width

13 km (nadir)

Data quantization

14 bits / pixel

File format



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