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WorldView-4 Satellite Imagery

WorldView-4 offers multispectral, high-resolution commercial satellite imagery from the Maxar imagery archive. WorldView-4 is retired from the Maxar constellation, but it provides archive imagery at 31 cm panchromatic resolution and 1.23 meter multispectral resolution.

WorldView-4 Satellite Imagery

Features and benefits

  • Very high-resolution - Panchromatic 31 cm - Visible & near-infrared 1.24 m

  • Industry-leading geolocation accuracy

  • High capacity in various collection modes

  • Bi-directional scanning

  • Rapid retargeting using Control Moment Gyros (>2x faster than any competitor)

  • Direct Access tasking from and image transmission to customer sites

  • Simultaneous, high resolution, super-spectral imagery

  • Large area mono and stereoscopic collection eliminates temporal variations

  • Precision geolocation possible without ground control points

  • Global capacity of 680,000 sq km per day, which doubled Maxar's 30 cm collection capability and the ability to collect for large-area mapping projects at the highest commercially available resolution

Design and specifications 



Altitude: 617 km
Type: Sun Synchronous, 10:30 am descending Node Period: 97 min.

Spacecraft size and aperture

Size: 5.3 m (17.7 ft) tall x 2.5 m (8 ft) across 7.9 m (26 ft) across deployed solar arrays Aperture: 1.1m

Sensor bands

Panchromatic: 450 - 800 nm

4 Multispectral:
Red: 655 - 690 nm Green: 510 - 580 nm Blue: 450 - 510 nm Near-IR: 780 - 920 nm

Sensor resolution
(or GSD, ground sample distance; off-nadir is geometric mean)

Panchromatic Nadir: 0.31 m 20° Off-Nadir: 0.34 m 56° Off-Nadir: 1.00 m Multispectral Nadir: 1.24 m 20° Off-Nadir: 1.38 m 56° Off-Nadir: 4.00 m

Dynamic range 

11-bits per pixel

Swath width

At nadir: 13.2 km

Attitude determination and control

Type: 3-axis Stabilized
Actuators: Control Moment Gyros (CMGs) Sensors: Star trackers, precision IRU, GPS

Pointing accuracy and knowledge

Accuracy: 170 m at 40 off-nadir
Knowledge: Supports geolocation accuracy below

Retargeting agility 

Time to Slew 200 km: 10.6 sec

Onboard storage 

3200 Gb solid state with EDAC


mage & ancillary data: 800 Mbps X-band Housekeeping: 120 kbps real time, X-band Command: 64 kbps S-band

Max contiguous area collected in a single pass (30° off-nadir angle)

Mono: 66.5 km x 112 km (5 strips) Stereo: 26.6 km x 112 km (2 pairs)

Revisit frequency (at 40°N latitude)

1 m GSD: < 1.0 day
Total constellation >4.5 accesses/day

Geolocation accuracy (CE90)

Predicted <5 m CE90 without ground control

Capacity when collecting

680,000 sq km per day

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