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IKONOS Satellite Imagery

The IKONOS satellite is the world’s  first commercial satellite to collect panchromatic (black-and-white) images with .80 meter resolution and multispectral (4-band) imagery with 3.2-meter resolution. Imagery from the panchromatic and multispectral sensors can be merged to create .80 meter color imagery (pan-sharpened). IKONOS imagery is being used for national security, military mapping, air and marine transportation, and by regional and local governments. From a 423-mile-high orbit, IKONOS had a revisit time of once every three days and downlinks directly to more than a dozen ground stations around the globe.

IKONOS Satellite Imagery


  • Sub-meter resolution imagery 

              - 0.82 m panchromatic at nadir
             - 3.2 m multispectral at nadir

  • High geolocational accuracy

               - Stable platform for precise location measurement

  • Fast large area collection 

               - 11.3 km imaging swath width

  • High collection capacity

                - Captured up to 240,000 sq km per day


  • Acquire high quality satellite imagery for map creation, change detection, imagery analysis and more

  • Geolocate features to create maps worldwide

  • Collect a wide range of geospatial information products

  • Extend the range of suitable imaging collection targets improving decision making

Design and specifications

Launch Information

Date: September 24, 1999 

Launch vehicle: Athena 2 

Launch site: Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Mission life

12+ years


Spacecraft size

1.83 m × 1.57 m (hexagonal configuration)

Spatial resolution

Panchromatic: 0.82 m Multispectral: 3.2 m

Positional accuracy

15 m CE90 (specification) 9 m CE90 (measured)

Swath width

11.3 km 

Off-nadir imaging

Up to 60 degrees 

Dynamic range

11 bits per pixel

Revisit time

Approximately 3 days

Orbital altitude

681 km

Nodal crossing



Collection capacity

240,000 sq km/day (Pan + MSI)

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