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QuickBird Satellite Imagery

Maxar's retired QuickBird satellite is no longer collecting imagery but continues to offer sub-meter resolution imagery with high geolocational accuracy through the imagery archive. With global collection of panchromatic and multispectral imagery, QuickBird imagery supports a wide range of geospatial applications.

QuickBird Satellite Imagery


  • Sub-meter resolution imagery - 55 cm panchromatic at nadir
    - 2.16 m multispectral at nadir

  • High geolocational accuracy

           - Stable platform for precise location measurement

  • Fast large area collection 

           - 14.9 km width imaging swath 

  • High image quality

           - Off-axis unobscured design of QuickBird’s telescope 

           - Large  field-of-view

           - High contrast (MTF)
- High signal to noise ratio

  • Large on-board data storage

           - 128 gigabits on-board image storage capacity


  • Acquire high quality satellite imagery for map creation, change detection, and image analysis

  • Geolocate features to create maps in remote areas without the use of ground control points

  • Extend the range of suitable imaging collection targets and enhance image interpretability

Design and specifications

Launch Information

Date: October 18, 2001
Launch Vehicle: Delta II
Launch Site: SLC-2W, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Mission Life

Extended through early 2014

Spacecraft Size

2400 lbs, 3.04 m (10 ft) in length


Type: Sun-synchronous, 10:00 am descending node Period: 94.2 min (93.6 min at altitude 450 kms)

Sensor Resolution and Spectral Bandwidth


Altitude 482 kms
- 65 cm GSD at nadir
- Black & White: 405 - 1053 nm

Altitude 450 kms

- 61 cm GSD at nadir


Altitude 482 kms

- 2.62 m GSD at nadir

Altitude 450 kms

- 2.44 m GSD at nadir

Dynamic Range

11-bits per pixel

Swath Width

Altitude 482 kms

- Nominal Swath Width: 18.0 km at nadir

Altitude 450 kms

- Nominal Swath Width: 16.8 km at nadir

Attitude Determination and Control

Type: 3-axis Stabilized
Star tracker/IRU/reaction wheels, GPS

Onboard Storage

128 Gb capacity

Metric Accuracy

23 m CE90, 17 m LE90 (without ground control)


200,000 sq km per day

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