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Why is Google satellite view so blurry, fuzzy, and low quality for my house?

Google satellite view's image quality may vary due to several factors. Here are some common reasons why the satellite view of your house might appear blurry, fuzzy, or low quality:

Resolution Limits

  • Different Resolutions: Satellite images are captured at varying resolutions. Urban areas and points of interest typically have high-resolution images, while rural or less significant areas may have lower resolution.

  • Availability of High-Resolution Imagery: High-resolution imagery may not be accessible in all areas, especially in remote or less populated regions.

Image Age

  • Outdated Imagery: If the images are old, they may have been captured with older technology, resulting in lower quality. Google updates its images regularly, but the frequency varies by location.

Weather Conditions

  • Cloud Cover and Haze: Satellite images can be impacted by weather conditions, such as cloud cover, haze, or other atmospheric phenomena, which can obscure or blur the view.

  • Seasonal Effects: The clarity of images can be affected by the time of year. For instance, images captured in snowy locations during winter may be less clear.

Data Sources

  • Various Sources: Google gathers satellite images from various sources, such as commercial satellite operators and governmental agencies, with varying quality and resolution.

Image Processing

  • Ortho-mosaics: Google stitches together images from different sensors at different resolutions and times to create a continuous view called ortho mosaics. This process can sometimes result in visible seams or inconsistencies.

  • Compression: To manage data loads and improve load times, Google compresses images in formats like Geoexpress (SID) or jpeg 2000, which can degrade quality if compressed too much.

Zoom Level

  • Zoom Restrictions: The level of detail in the imagery can vary depending on the zoom level. Higher zoom levels may not offer the same resolution and detail as intermediate zoom levels.

Privacy and Security Concerns

  • Deliberately Blurring: For privacy and security reasons, certain areas may be intentionally blurred or have reduced resolution. This is often done for military bases, certain government facilities, and sometimes residential areas upon request.

Technical Limitations

  • Satellite Capabilities: The resolution of images captured by satellites is limited, especially for older satellites. Advanced, high-resolution satellites are costly and not always utilized in every region.

Remember to regularly check for updates on Google Satellite View to enhance the view of your area of interest (AOI), as Google frequently updates its imagery. Alternatively, you can explore other satellite imagery provider companies like GeoWGS84 that offer higher image quality or more recent imagery for your area.

For more information about our various options for better quality satellite imagery, please feel free to reach us at:


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Happy satellite browsing! 🛰️🌍

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