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Hexagon Aerial Imagery | HxGN Content Program

Hexagon’s HxGN Content Program offers high-quality aerial ortho imagery through streaming or pixel download for professionals covering all of the contiguous United States and parts of Europe (see coverage map). Stream aerial imagery base maps into your geospatial and enterprise applications. All imagery is orthorectified and available at 15 cm and 30 cm resolutions across the United States, Puerto Rico, Europe, and parts of Canada with accuracies up to RMSEx/y = 0.50 m

Hexagon HxGN Content Program

Experienced mapping professionals capture aerial imagery according to set specification and accuracy standards on planned refresh cycles with the latest airborne imaging sensors. All aerial data is ortho rectified to custom generated aero triangulation and DEMs. The ortho images are mosaiced with radiometric corrections and feathered seam lines to create aesthetically pleasing seamless mosaics. This data set is a cost-effective alternative to custom acquisition projects and offers flexibility to create derivate products


15 cm ortho samples

College Station, TX (Geotiff 224.6 MB)

San Francisco, CA (Geotiff - 51 MB)

Los Angeles, CA (Geotiff - 155.4 MB)

Belton, TX (Geotiff - 133.9 MB)

30 cm ortho samples

Warsaw, Poland (Geotiff - 37.1 MB)

Ostend, Belgium (Geotiff- 46.8 MB)

Madrid, Spain (Geotiff- 10.8 MB)

Frankfurt, Germany (Geotiff- 33.3 MB)

Albuquerque NM (Geotiff - 41.7 MB)

Benefits of using the HxGN Content Program:

  • Highest accuracy

  • Temporally consistent imagery

  • Cost-effective

  • Regular refresh

Feel free to contact us or call us at 720-702-4849 for more details about Hexagon's HxGN Content Program or click here for our sales team.

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