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WorldView-4 Satellite Sensor

WorldView-4 is a high-resolution Earth observation satellite operated by Maxar Technologies. Here are some key details about the WorldView-4 satellite:

Launch Date: WorldView-4 was launched on November 11, 2016.

Operator: Maxar Technologies, which acquired DigitalGlobe, operates the WorldView-4 satellite.

Imaging Capabilities:

  • Spectral Bands: WorldView-4 has multispectral imaging capabilities with four bands: blue, green, red, and near-infrared.

  • Resolution: The satellite offers high-resolution imagery with a panchromatic resolution of 31 centimeters.

Applications: Similar to other high-resolution Earth observation satellites, WorldView-4 is used for various applications, including mapping, environmental monitoring, urban planning, agriculture, and disaster response.

Orbit: WorldView-4 operates in a sun-synchronous orbit, ensuring consistent lighting conditions across its imaging swath.

Data Products: Maxar Technologies provides a range of data products derived from WorldView-4 imagery, including orthorectified imagery, stereo imagery, and analytic products.

Status: In 2019, WorldView-4 experienced a failure in its control moment gyros, which are critical for stabilizing the satellite. Due to this failure, the satellite was declared non-operational, and efforts to restore it to service were unsuccessful. As of the last update, WorldView-4 remains non-operational.

WorldView-4 Satellite Sensor

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