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5 Ways to Use Drones in the Mining Industry

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Surveying and Mapping: Using drones with high-resolution cameras, it is possible to quickly and accurately survey a mining area and create precise maps that are useful for planning, designing, and examining the region. This can help recognize any potential hazards, keep track of changes in the landscape, and make operations more efficient.

Inspection: Drones can survey equipment and infrastructure like pipelines, power lines, and tailings dams. They are capable of capturing high-definition visuals, videos, and thermal information which can then be studied to discover any signs of deterioration, spot leaks, and inspect structural stability.

Mineral Exploration: Drones can be utilized to inspect and investigate mineral resources in areas that could be tricky or hazardous for people to get into. They are able to acquire information on the mineral's chemical makeup, depth, and quality that can assist businesses to determine if they should go ahead with extraction.

Safety Monitoring: Drones can be used to survey mining sites in order to determine safety, such as detecting gas leaks, identifying hazardous materials, and evaluating the stability of mine walls and ceilings.

Environmental Monitoring: Drones can be utilized to evaluate the effect of mining activities on the natural world. They can take pictures and information that aid in recognizing and tracking fluctuations in flora, water purity, and air quality. This data can be used to help businesses adhere to environmental rules and reduce their influence on the surrounding environment.

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