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Maui Hawaii Fire: Free Satellite, Aerial and Drone Images

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Maxar Technologies

Our partner, Maxar Technologies has created a dedicated platform for accessing the most recent satellite images of the Maui wildfire. You have the option to download the newest satellite images from this site:

WaldoAir Corp

WaldoAir Corp made high-quality aerial imagery of the Lahaina wildfires available for use without licensing fees. To access the data, follow the link provided.

NASA + Planet Labs

Fires in Maui were mostly under control. People are still dealing with the aftermath of the worst U.S. wildfires in 100 years. NASA has set up a DISASTERS MAPPING PORTAL using Planet Labs satellite imagery. You can access the portal at:

NASA Disaster Mapping Portal
NASA Disaster Mapping Portal

Geospatial Insurance Consortium GIC

The GIC collection provides high-resolution orthos at a 7.5cm resolution. This highly detailed imagery provides our GIC members and emergency managers with the full scope of the fire damage to better understand the impact on the local community.

The GIC collected additional areas over the weekend. Imagery for all collections is now available, covering Lahaina, Pulehu, Makawao, and Kula.

Geospatial Insurance Consortium GIC Maui Fire Aerial Imagery
Geospatial Insurance Consortium GIC Maui Fire Aerial Imagery

GeoWGS84 Corp is a company that provides drone ortho and photogrammetry/LiDAR services based in Denver, Colorado. They can also provide worldwide archives of satellite, aerial images, and elevation data and services. Their services include drone, aerial, and satellite image collection (~2 cm resolution), LiDAR data collection, digital ortho-imagery and mosaics, corridor mapping services, LiDAR classification, DTM extraction (~3 cm horizontal and ~5 cm vertical accuracy) and classification, DSM generation, contour generation, point cloud classification, volumetric calculations, 3D modeling, inspection and monitoring (construction site monitoring, solar panel inspection, wind turbine inspection, powerline line inspection, mining inspection, pipeline inspection, and monitoring), agriculture crop monitoring.

For more information about high-resolution satellite imagery, please feel free to reach us at: Email: USA (HQ): (720) 702–4849 India: 98931 06211 Canada: (519) 590 9999 Mexico: 55 5941 3755 UK & Spain: +44 12358 56710 GeoWGS84 Corp

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