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Launch of DJI Mini 3 Pro

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

DJI did it again, bringing technology from its bigger, more expensive products down to its inexpensive under-250-gram DJI Mini 3 Pro drone, which means you don’t need a license to fly it in the US and other jurisdictions. That makes it a great high-end first drone for people who are just getting into the drone business or for people who want a small and portable drone that can do what only the much bigger drones could do.

DJI Mini 3 Pro has managed to include a 3-directional obstacle avoidance system inside such a small drone - that's a major but not the only improvement over Mavic Mini 1 and Mini 2. . The original DJI Mavic Mini launched in 2019, and was followed in 2020 by the Mavic Mini 2, which updated the video resolution 4K (which was 2.7k in mini 1) alongside other improvements; but it's the Mini Pro 3 that really brings the 'wow' factor to the sub-250g Mini series. The lightweight DJI Mini 3 Pro takes DJI's popular Mini drone series to new heights

The new drone's sensor is bigger – it's now a 1/1.3-inch CMOS chip; its lens's maximum aperture has been increased to a bright f/1.7; its video capabilities have been greatly improved; and for the everyday user the best functionality is that the camera can be rotated by 90 degrees, enabling video and pictures in both landscape and portrait format

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