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Satellite Imagery of Oman

As of Mar 2024, multiple satellite imagery options are available for Oman

With the advancements in technology in remote sensing, there are now multiple satellite imagery options with different resolutions, accuracies, spectral bands, and dates available for Oman.

One of the most popular options for satellite imagery in Oman is from 21st Century Aerospace Technologies. 21AT is a Singapore-based company that specializes in offering advanced remote sensing imagery products and services. One of their notable offerings is the TripleSat Constellation, which comprises three high-resolution satellites. These satellites follow the same sun-synchronous orbit, with a time difference of 33 minutes between each one. Another significant project under the ownership and operation of Twenty-First Century Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd (21AT) is BJ-3. This project consists of a pair of optical Earth observation satellites. BJ-3A was launched on June 11, 2021, while BJ-3B was launched on August 24, 2022. These satellites can capture images with a resolution as fine as 30 cm.

Another popular satellite imagery option in Oman is from Maxar Technologies. Maxar is known for its operation of the WorldView satellites constellation, which captures incredibly detailed imagery with a resolution as high as 30 cm. This high-quality imagery from Maxar is extensively utilized in a range of fields, such as defense, agriculture, and urban planning.

Oman has access to other satellite options, such as KOMPSAT-3 and KOMPSAT-3A, which are operated by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute. These satellites offer high-resolution imagery with a spatial resolution of up to 38 centimeters.

Here is a sample of the KOMPSAT satellite imagery over Oman, perfect for environmental monitoring, cartography, disaster management, agriculture and forestry, infrastructure planning, natural resource exploration, and other wide range of disciplines.

Sample Satellite Imagery of Oman
Sample Satellite Imagery of Oman

Additionally, the Satellogic Aleph-1 constellation of satellites has developed a distinct method to enhance the spatial resolution of their panchromatic and multispectral imagery. By utilizing their exclusive processing techniques, they can improve the resolution of satellite imagery over Oman to 70 cm. This advancement in collection resolution allows Satellogic to provide a product that maintains the original radiometric values while better meeting the diverse project requirements of their customers in Oman.

If you are looking for medium or low-resolution imagery for Oman, TerraColor NextGen 15 Meter Satellite Imagery is available for web-based maps, weather maps, defense applications, and digital media. It covers the entire globe and can be customized. Provides stunning true-color views of Earth. It can be paired with high-resolution imagery and regularly updated with new Landsat 8/9 imagery.

GeoWGS84 is an authorized distributor for a range of different companies.

Maxar Technologies Satellite Imagery | Data by GeoWGS84

21st Century Aerospace Technologies Satellite Imagery | Data by GeoWGS84

Satellogic Satellite Imagery | Data by GeoWGS84

TerraColor NextGen Satellite Imagery | Data by GeoWGS84

KOMPSAT Satellite Imagery | Data by GeoWGS84

If you require high-quality satellite images of Oman or specific cities, feel free to get in touch with us. Our company offers exclusive rates for the following cities in Oman.

Muscat, Oman
Seeb, Oman
Bawshar, Muscat, Oman

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* 21 AT, Satellogic, EOS-Sat1, and SIIS Satellite Imagery are available to customers worldwide

** Maxar is available to customers in the USA and Canada only

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