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Point of Interest Aerial

Point of Interest Aerial® (Canada)

Specializing in geomatics and aerial data collection services, Point of Interest Aerial can assist in the most simple to complex aerial data and processing requests

Services offered by GeoWGS84's partner POI Aerial

  • Drone Image acquisition in Canada

  • LiDAR Data Collection using drones in Canada

  • Railway mapping in Canada

  • Roads and interstates mapping in Canada

  • Electric mapping (power line or transmission mapping) in Canada

  • Oil and gas pipeline mapping in Canada

  • Corridor Mapping Services in Canada

  • LiDAR Classification and DTM Services in Canada

  • Planimetric Mapping and Feature Extraction Services in Canada

  • Contour Mapping and Survey  in Canada

  • Drone Stockpile Volume Calculations  in Canada

  • 3D Mapping and Modeling Services in Canada

  • Drone Construction Site Monitoring in Canada

  • Drone Solar farm Inspection in Canada

  • Drone Wind Turbine blades Inspection in Canada 

  • Transmission/Powerline Inspection using LiDAR in Canada

  • Drone Mine Inspection in Canada 

  • Pipeline Inspection and Monitoring Services in Canada

  • Crop Monitoring & Irrigation Inspection Services in Canada

  • Spray Dryer, Boiler, Silo, Kiln, Cyclone, Chimney, oil and gas storage tanks inspection in Canada

  • Cell tower Inspection in Canada

  • Building, Structures, Facade Inspection in Canada

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