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Dronext Global

Dronext Global® (Japan)

Our mission is to improve businesses by accomplishing various tasks more efficiently than ever before through drones. Our team of experienced and diligent pilots and staff are ready for action and ready to improve our world!

Services offered by GeoWGS84's partner DroNext Global

  • Drone Image acquisition in Japan

  • LiDAR Data Collection using drones in Japan

  • Railway mapping in Japan

  • Roads and interstates mapping in Japan

  • Electric mapping (power line or transmission mapping) in Japan

  • Oil and gas pipeline mapping in Japan

  • Corridor Mapping Services in Japan

  • Drone Stockpile Volume Calculations  in Japan

  • Drone Construction Site Monitoring in Japan

  • Drone Solar farm Inspection in Japan

  • Drone Wind Turbine blades Inspection in Japan

  • Transmission/Powerline mapping using LiDAR in Japan

  • Drone Mine Inspection in Japan

  • Pipeline Inspection and Monitoring Services in Japan

  • Crop Monitoring & Irrigation Inspection Services in Japan

  • Spray Dryer, Boiler, Silo, Kiln, Cyclone, Chimney, oil and gas storage tanks inspection in Japan

  • Cell tower Inspection in Japan

  • Building, Structures, Facade Inspection in Japan

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Services by GeoWGS84
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