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Nyasa Aerial Data Solutions

Nyasa Aerial Data Solutions® (Malawi, Africa)

Nyasa Aerial Data Solutions is our data partner in Malawi.

Services offered

  • Drone Image Collection Services

  • LiDAR Data Collection Services

  • Digital Ortho-Imagery and Mosaics Services

  • Corridor Mapping Services

  • LiDAR Classification and DTM Services

  • DTM Extraction Services

  • DSM Generation Services

  • Planimetric Mapping and Feature Extraction Services

  • Contour Mapping and Survey Services

  • Point Cloud Classification Services

  • Stockpile Volume Calculations using Drones

  • 3D Mapping and Modeling Services

  • Construction Site Monitoring using Drones

  • Solar farm Inspection using Drones

  • Wind Turbine blades Inspection using Drones

  • Transmission/Powerline Inspection using LiDAR

  • Mine Inspection Drone Services 

  • Pipeline Inspection and Monitoring Services

  • Crop Monitoring & Irrigation Inspection Services 

  • Spray Dryer, Boiler, Silo, Kiln, Cyclone, Chimney, Oil and Gas Storage tank inspection

  • Cell tower Inspection 

  • Building, Structures, Facade Inspection Services using Drones

Satellite Products by GeoWGS84
Services by GeoWGS84
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